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On February 1st 2021 a business client mailed in a A1466 MacBook Air® that did not have any backlight. After opening up this unit we could already tell exactly what the problem was, it was liquid damaged. Due to the nature of this liquid spill it was a great deal of work to get it back up and working again. The repair consisted of 2 Jumpers underneath the back light driver (BGA IC) running to the other side of the board, a jumper connecting the backlight out pin of the LVDS back into the circuit and a replacement backlight driver. We saved our business clients customer from having to purchase a new MacBook® at a fraction of the cost any other repair shop would have charged!

  • Repair DateFebruary 1st 2021
  • LocationRichmond Virginia
  • Cost$299 USD
  • BrandApple MacBook Air

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