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So you just got that amazing new phone you have been wanting, or perhapse you have had it a while and then BAM that thing happens and in an instant it is broken! Then there are those of us who have the incredible gift of consistently breaking, cracking, shattering, and simply destroying any device we get our hands on. We know how that feels, which is why our team at Computer Cave supports all kinds of smart phones.


Our skilled team are the heart of our operation. We don’t hire just anyone. You have to know your craft to work at Computer Cave. We have experience handing the most delicate and complex of repairs. Richmond Virginia’s most trusted technical team, Computer Cave is here to help.


We’re well aware of how important your device is to you and your everday life, which is why we work to offer the fastest repairs in the Richmond Area. The vast majority of our repairs are done in a day or less, while some repairs like screen replacements take as little as two hours! Nothing is scarier than waiting days and days for your device, all the while not knowing exactly where it is. Need help now? Call us now and book your repair!