The flat rate prices for our logic board repairs are listed on under the Repairs tab. All other repair or service prices vary depending on year, model, etc. Prices charged for services rendered will be based on the price published as of the day of the submitted Repair Request form, unless there was another price previously negotiated either by business contract or other documented agreement. Prices posted do not include applicable sales tax or bulk pricing discounts for volume clients.

Prior Repair Attempt Fee:

Any logic board that has had prior soldering iron or hot air rework repair attempts there will be a $50 fee that will be due, regardless of if the device is repairable or not. This fee is to compensate for the increased difficulty and amount of time necessary to retrace the previous technicians steps. There is also less chance for a successful repair or recovery whenever boards are worked on by multiple shops.

No Fix, No Fee:

If a logic board or device is deemed unrepairable there is no labor cost for the repair attempt. We will contact you to inform you of the alternate repair cost such as replacing the logic board or device. If there is no repair or sale completed you will be responsible for the return shipping cost of the device ($8 for iPhone®, $10 for iPad®, $20 for Mac® Laptops), or for no cost you can donate the device to be used for parts.


All repair services are warrantied for 1 year unless otherwise stated. This warranty applies only to the repair of the original issue(s). Accidental damage to the device is not covered under the warranty. We use several methods to document the exact condition of your device when it arrives and leaves our shop, if any warranty badges are missing/damaged the status of the warranty is up to our discretion. Complimentary repairs are not covered under warranty, only paid repairs are warrantied. Water damaged iOS Devices and phones are only repaired for data recovery purposes. No guarantees are made that the device will be fully or partially functional.

Effective on all repairs received on or after 02/04/2019.


If there is a problem with a device that was repaired by us, the device will need to be sent back in to be evaluated and repaired by us. Please contact us for a prepaid return shipping label to send the device back to us. If there is no problem with the device or the issue is not covered under warranty the cost for the prepaid shipping label will be added to any further repair or shipping costs. In the event that a device is found to be unrepairable we will issue a refund for the repair amount. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Payment Terms / Abandoned Units:

All invoices have a due date on the top right hand corner. Most invoices have to be paid before the device is shipped back. If you have an account with us that is billed Net 30, the due date on the invoice will be listed 30 days from the date of the repairs completion. After that due date a $25 late fee will be added for every 30 days the invoice remains unpaid. If a device is left for 90 days unpaid then the device will be considered abandoned and will be sold or used for parts to recover repair costs and fees.

Client’s Responsibility To Back-Up Data
We strongly recommend that if possible back-up the data on your device before mailing in or dropping off your device for repair. We are unable to warranty data loss.

Privacy Policy
It is Computer Cave’s policy to respect the privacy of its clients. The information you provide to Computer
Cave will be handled securely and will not be disclosed any further than necessary to complete the
approved services.

Last Updated 02/04/2019